The Importance Of Government Control On The Internet

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" Our generation is one known for the internet. Many of us have never known a world without the internet. A good thing about that is that we stay informed on subjects from all around. A bad thing is cyber-bullying and negativity. But no matter what negative or positive place we withhold on the internet, one thing that stays the same is government control. Agencies watch the things we post in order to catch criminals and make sure terrorists have little control in convincing. Now this can be a good thing but if the power goes to far it could be a violation of our rights and privacy. Which goes against the constitution. The government should have limits to how much power they have on the internet for the safety and rights of our people. A good thing is to realize what rights we have on the internet and watch what we post. For example, lets say the government had complete control over what we post, see, and talk about. That they could see every activity we have committed on the internet. If they had that amount of control it would be crushing. We would no longer be able to post opinions online if the government didn 't approve. Which would violate our freedom of speech and freedom of press. Now the government should have control to the extent where they aren 't taking down opinions and posts because they don 't like it. Thankfully the government has restrictions on what they can do to the internet. They cannot take down opinions but they do have access to our

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