Essay On 1st Amendment

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Government cannot censor the people of the united states. We have amendments for a reason. They went through all those wars and tragedy for us. For us to have Freedom of speech. The first amendment. It would not be right to change it. You are basically trying to change the past. There is already a new generation of kids being born as i 'm typing this. The 3rd-collage is learning about the amendments. The first one they learn is obviously the first amendment so this will just confuse them trying to change it and having them learn something all new. If you conflate the ability to say what you want, how you want, with an immunity from criticism or consequence of the speech, you are likely to be surprised. If you are not aware of, or refuse to seriously consider, that many people who might in times past have not publicly objected to your speech now feel free to do so and in no uncertain terms, you may become unhappy. If you choose not to treat those responses and criticisms seriously, your reputation may ultimately suffer. Your reputation today is highly depending on what you do now, not what you’ve done in the past. People always say “the past is in the past” so believe it. Don’t let it bother you when people bring up stuff that 's in the past. That was yesterday, …show more content…

While it is illegal to express so hate speech so long as one does not engage in acts of discuss, or commit illegal crimes. There is a group called the “KKK” They were founded in 1866 in almost every southern state by 1870. In the early 20th century, burning crosses and staging rallies. They were only against blacks, but then a 1915 film, “Burn of a Nation” came out. They rallied against blacks, catholics, jews, immigrants, and even the consumption of alcohol. The second version of Klan died by the 1930s, and by the time World War II there was only a handful

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