New Jim Crow Essay

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Short Writing Assignment: New Jim Crow There are two Americas and neither have to do with North or South, it’s White America vs. Minority America. My stance on this topic is highly controversial but I feel it is a fair opinion based on my life experience. Growing up in a city full of gangs, poverty, drugs, and the occasional shooting and then moving to a predominantly white middle class city that enforces a 25 MPH speed limit and does not allow any liquor licenses to be given to any restaurant or business within the city limits. Having been a part of both Americas in some form I believe White America created a system that is designed to phase out minorities through mass incarceration/policing and poverty. For Minority America it is an uphill …show more content…

Before that Hip Hop was exclusively about dancing, creating unique beats and being poetic across beat alterations. Ever since Grandmaster Flash Hip Hop has changed consistently over the years creating different forms of Hip Hop giving everyone a chance to find out what they enjoy. One form of Hip Hop in today’s world is based around the racial inequalities brought to you by a rapper who displays their people’s daily struggles around the globe and more specifically in America. An artist who uses his voice in the hip hop industry to voice the effects of mass incarceration on African Americans/Minorities as well as many other social issues is Vic Mensa. He is the most crucial social activist you’ve probably never heard of. This however does not take away from his message and how important it is for the world to hear it. One song in particular covers all aspects of the prompt which happens to be on his first EP titled “There’s A lot Going On”, the song is called Shades of Blue. Shades of Blue follows in the footsteps of the New Jim Crow in terms of facilitating the events that occur in certain areas of America that not everyone has access

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