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In the book the night there are many tones. In the book night there also many beliefs and religions with Ellie.g When we first get introduced to the main character Ellie we can tell that he his a young kid and is very interesting. Ellie has a very strong faith for god and the jewish religion, but his faith was tested when he was sent to one of the constitution camps. Ellie had to survive with only his dad and him being so young. Ellie goes through an experience that nobody at that age should go through. He witnessed a lot of things that nobody should ever see. During the book, Ellie probably lose his faith in god for a little because most jewish people probably did at this moment in time. Ellie probably wonder if god was real then why was god doing this to him and ever other person at that moment. Ellies faith was also when the Nazis am and stop him from having a perfectly good life. …show more content…

He also showed us good things that he did to handle the situation for the long period of time. Ellie also had to go through living without his dad because he dad did end up dying because of how much he gotten beaten up. Ellie started to feel ashamed of himself and could never get over how ashamed he was. The book also shows tone when the author does not give any jokes to lighten up the mood. It is hard to give tone in this book because it wasn't the most happiest place on earth at this time. I think that the tone could be regret or sadness. The book does show sadness because of how many people the nazis did kill/burn. The book is also show the tone of regret because throughout the book Ellie does feel regret for the way his father died. Ellies beliefs yet again could change with these 2 tones because he could still be thinking why god was doing this to them and not helping him and Ellie's

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