Night By Elie Wiesel: A Brief Analysis

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From the beginning, Elie Wiesel 's work details the beginning of his adult life by focussing on his awareness of Judaism, its history, and its significance to the religion. Despite warnings about German intentions towards Jews, Eliezer’s family and the other Jews in the small town of Sighet, fail to escape the country when they have a chance. As a result, the Jewish population is sent to concentration camps all throughout Germany. Then, after being sent to a concentration camp, Eliezer is separated from his mother and younger sister, but remains with his father. The camp then pushing Eliezer and his father 's faith in the Jewish religion. There are several key moments where Elie 's Jewish faith is tested throughout the novel Night. When his family is separated, when he sees three sons turn against their fathers, and when …show more content…

The second time a son had abandoned a father of theirs is when Rabbi Eliahou had frantically searched for his son during The Death March, which is what happened near the end of the war when the Germans began losing. They would round up prisoners and load them up into train cars with little food, water, and other essential things we need as humans. In fact the poor rabbi 's son had actually left to better suit and nourish his way through the camp without having his dying father drag him down. When Elie 's father was nearing the end of his life Elie had tried to help anyway he could. He gave him water, his rations, and carried him throughout the camp even while he wanted to lay down like the other old men from the camp. Elie knew that all those men would get burned and killed because they were of no use to the Germans anymore. In conclusion there are several accounts in the novel Night by Elie Weizel where his faith in religion is tested. When he is separated from his family at the arrival of Auschwitz, When he and another turn against their fathers from the traumatization of the camp itself, and when his father is dying near the end of

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