Night, By Elie Wiesel: Literary Analysis

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During World War ll, a very well known man, Adolf Hitler, chose to kill himself when he was put in crisis, leaving his country in ruins, as well as revealing that he was very much selfish, cowardly, and scared. As shown in the novel Night written by Elie Wiesel, during the Jewish Holocaust, when put in testing situations, many people act poorly towards the Jews, and the Jews show hatred towards the Germans. Also, in the short story ¨The in Group¨ by Eve Shale, a young girl by the name of Eve chooses between popularity and rightfulness. In both Night and ¨The in Group¨ it is demonstrated that crisis brings out the worst in people, because challenging situations put more pressure on people, resulting in poorer choices, and crisis additionally causes people to show selfishness. In the short story ¨The in Group,¨ an unpopular girl in the eighth grade by the name of Eve is challenged, resulting in added pressure and meager judgement. To begin, Eve attends a small school where very few people fit in, but everyone clandestinely seeks popularity. One day, a popular girl in the class approaches innocent Eve while reading another girl’s diary, and Eve ¨sat down, laughing till [her] side hurt, heard [her] voice finally blend with the other¨ (22-23). Before, Eve was another basic, unknown girl, but when she was put in a burdensome situation, pressure was applied, resulting in her hurting …show more content…

Pressure acts as a barrier to many people, so it can change a situation completely. Also, selfishness often occurs when people panic, which is what occurs during a crisis, so, overall, crisis can bring out the truth in someone, or it can set a bad, mistaken example, but all in all, everyone should try to avoid crisis for their own

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