Night Elie Wiesel Analysis

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When they reach the camp they are sepperated men on one side then woman on the other. This is the last time he sees his mother and sister.After that his plan throughout the camp is to stick with his father no matter what. As they are walking a man comes up to him and asks him his age. When he says 15 the man tells him “No you are 18” and then asks Eli’s father how only he is. When Eli’s father replies 50 the stranger yells at him and says “No you are 40” then leaves. After that the are put into a line to be judged by Dr.Mengele who was a german doctor who did experementations on twins. Dr Mangele would tell them to go right or left based on age, occupation, and health. Eli’s father and him ended up being in the same group and moving on to different …show more content…

He cried of joy then left. While they were eating his father told him not to enhale it all at once because “tomorrow is a new day” meaning he might not be eating tomorrow and will need it in the future. They stayed in Auschwitz for 3 more weeks without anything to pass the time with. The block sargent they had was judged to humane for the job and a new one came. He was ferocous. The good days were over. Stien continued to visit them and would bring them a half portion of bread and would give them advice like “you must eat all of the time because the weak dont last long and avoid selection” he himself had become withered and small. A transport was to come in from his home and he was to go see if anyone had heard from his wife and child, he never came back with the news. They would sing in the evenings and spoke of God, the sins of the Jewish people, and the redemption to come. Meanwhile Eli was not praying he was just thinking of his mother and sister. Simple laborers were left and many other able men were send to work at the camps. They were told they were leaving with the next transport. They walked their without hurry and saw germans on the

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