Night Elie Wiesel Summary

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The story begins with the introduction of Twelve year old boy Eliezer, living in the town of Sighet. He is an orthodox Jewish family’s son and have two older sisters, Hilda and Bea and a younger sister Tzipora. They have been raised under strict Jewish tradition. Eliezer’s father is a shop keeper and highly respected by the Jewish community of Sighet. Eliezer is very interested in religious activities, he studies Talmud; Jewish oral law and he has a passion to learn Kabbalah. He meets a challenging teacher Moshe The Beadle to study Kabbalah with him and Eliezer is very encouraged by his religious intellectuality. However, Moshe tells the story about the escape from Gestapo; where Jews were tortured and killed. Town did not believed his story and ignored him. But, in 1944 Germans came to Sighet and empty the town by taking Jews to Auschwitz. Eliezer’s family is the last one to leave Sighet. However, Jews are gathered in ghettos and crowded behind the barbed-wire fences. In addition, this chapter reveals that many of the Jews were not able to believe the previous …show more content…

However, Eliezer remained with his father, but his mother and sisters were separated. People were told to say appropriate work age not their real age. Eliezer was told by a prisoner to tell he is 18 although he was 15 by that time, and his father was told 40 when he was 50. Another prisoner explained the new arrivals that they are not brought for peace to Auschwitz, instead Jews are brought to be killed and burned. Many of the younger Jews begin to be rebellious, but they were advise to rely on faith. On the other hand, after Eliezer and his father passed the test and they remain together in the camp. As time passes prisoner started to recite Kaddish ; which is a Jewish prayer for the dead. But Eliezer remains skeptical. He started to doubt God and did not understand what to be thankful

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