Night Theme In Macbeth

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Have you ever wondered what goes on at night? Many people believe that night is simply the period of darkness in each twenty-four hour period. However, reading William Shakespeare's Macbeth may change someone’s mind. Reading about this tragedy may show that the word “night,” as it’s used in Macbeth evokes discomfort in the reader, including feelings of fear, chaos, and darkness. The evolution of the word 'night' illustrates a major theme in Macbeth by displaying the evil that occurs at night and presenting that what’s done in the dark, will eventually be revealed in the light.

The initial connotation for the word night relates to how evil plans are hidden in darkness. For example, as she plans the king’s demise, Lady Macbeth says, “This night’s great business into my dispatch; Which shall to all our nights and days to come give solely sovereign sway and masterdom” (1-6-67). Because Duncan will be arriving, Lady Macbeth handles the preparations for the night, hoping that the ruse to kill him will go as planned, and greatly impact every night for the rest of their lives. Lady Macbeth makes it clear they need to cover their bloody deeds (1-5-49). She believes that this crime will be more successful to commit at night because if …show more content…

For example, Macbeth says to lady Macbeth,“Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, Till thou applaud the deed. (3-2-45-47) I believe this statement was intended to show Macbeth’s attempt to cover up how he was going to get rid of Banquo; Macbeth uses the word “night” to refer to the time when Banquo is going to be killed by three murderers who he had hired. This means that night is the time when bad deeds are done, and supports that night is a cover for misdeeds. The evidence of this is shown in lines like ‘by magot-pies and choughs and rooks brought forth the secret'st man of blood.

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