Not A Moonshot

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Jeffrey Kluger’s discusses in his article “Why Curing Cancer is Not a ‘Moonshot,’” his opinion on how, and why, the cure for cancer can not be compared to a moonshot. Many Presidents, including Barack Obama and Richard Nixon, have preached about the “war on cancer,”. Many have referred to curing cancer as a moonshot. According to Kluger, a moonshot is not nearly as difficult as curing cancer. Kluger expresses that metaphorical moonshots are over used and misunderstood. Moonshots are “making hard things seem easier than they are”. Jeffrey Kluger is a highly educated writer and presents his information with both logic and opinion. He is knowledgable in diseases, like polio and smallpox, and also in Apollo 13. He has written 9 books, including Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio, The Sibling Effect, and Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13. Kluger is not criticizing the the amazing accomplishment of getting to the moon. He is making his point that curing cancer can not be compared to a moonshot. He argues that “we similarly understood the physics; we just had to master them.”. Kluger is implying that we do not know much about cancer or is choosing to ignore it. Either way, most people know how many millions of dollars have gone into cancer research to try to find a cure. The real moonshot had one specific goal with …show more content…

Many of his points provided questioning and makes the reader lean towards his beliefs. I, personally, agree with paragraph eight the most. Cancer is different in every case and they are all unique. It really made me think about how there might not be one cure but there might be a cure for each individual. Kluger’s article was very well written. He used his frustration to draw the reader in and to pull them onto his side. The cure to cancer may not be as easy as some think. Kluger provided a side as to why curing cancer is not a moonshot due to all of the different types and it’s

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