Nothing Can Stay Gold Theme In The Outsiders

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Throughout life, you learn how to adapt to changes. Johnny’s last words to Ponyboy, “Nothing gold can last forever” had a big impact on Pony. The themes presented in the poem “Nothing can stay gold” has similar themes in the Novel the “Outsiders”. Losing innocence is what makes you grow up. In the poem written by Robert Frost, the first line states “Nature’s first green is gold”. One thing every human obtains when they are born is innocence. Nature’s first green refers to the spring season when beautiful plants start to grow, which can be linked to when children are born. Reading onto the next line “Her hardest hue to hold” alludes to innocence is hard to hold throughout hardships and mistakes throughout the arduous journey of life. Similarly, …show more content…

In the poem, the individual presented came into the world innocent and lived their youthful years joyful. Sadly, the individual being described sounds like they have taken happiness for granted after seeing and experiencing the harsh reality of our world. “So Eden sank to grief”. The most important line of the poem delivers the idea happiness is gold, and it can’t last forever. “Nothing gold can stay”. Throughout Ponyboy’s years, he has lost multiple people who took a piece of his heart to the grave with them. After Pony’s parents had passed on, he never had the opportunity to feel the love and admiration of his parents during difficult times. In addition to losing his parents, he had lost two close friends who replaced the role of parents and allowed Ponyboy to have someone to come to for help. “But I knew that was what he wanted, even as the lot echoed with the cracks of shots, even as I begged silently--- Please, not him... not him and Johnny both ---I knew he would be dead, because Dally Winston wanted to be dead and he always got what he wanted.” Happiness was present in the early years of his life, but slowly his happiness changed due to certain circumstances. Happiness depends on ourselves.
The theme presented in Nothing Gold can Stay and Outsiders both have the same basis of the journey of life. Once innocence is lost from a result of mistakes and experiencing hardships, you grow up and lose a little happiness. All people strive to keep

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