Violence In The Outsiders And Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Gangs. Violence. Poverty. These are all things that could help develop the theme in a story. In The Outsiders and “Nothing Gold Can Stay” the same themes can be expressed in different ways. These two texts could have the same theme but with different elements to analyze. You could relate to someone’s childhood or how maybe you were once an outsider and was excluded. The authors develop themes by using characters, title, setting and imagery, and different ideas.
Many elements of literature can contribute to developing the theme in the Outsiders. For example, setting and imagery. In the Outsiders the two gangs live on different sides of the town. The area that they might live in might not be the most ideal place to live. It might not be luxury
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The Greasers aren’t very wealthy and they also are young but not innocent. They do bad things and they killed someone and they steal and are looked for by the cops a lot. Eventually you will grow to be old and will not be as active as you were in younger in your older days. “They ran when I stabbed him. They all ran.” as it was stated in the text. This quote shows that they killed someone and they are young people but are not innocent. This is when they lose their innocence. This is when they commit a very, very serious crime. Another quote to support my evidence is, “ Dally had spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested at the age of ten. He was tougher than the rest of us--- tougher, colder, meaner. The shade of difference that separates a greaser from a hood wasn't present in Dally. He was as wild as the boys in the downtown outfits, like Tim Shepard's gang.” This quote shows another bad thing that happens with the people that are Greasers. This is when they start to realize they are in massive trouble. In The Outsiders the ideas of innocence and youth are presented by showing that some people are innocent when they are younger and some people are not.…show more content…
In “Nothing Gold Can Stay” it states,” Nature’s first green is gold.” When someone hears this they might think of a nice place that has nice weather and is very peaceful. Also, in “Nothing Gold Can Stay” it is developing the idea of youth because you cannot be young forever. Eventually you will be old and not be be able to much and it won’t be as good and enjoyable as your younger days. It is the giving you the message that you cannot always get what\ you want and can’t have everything. Something in your life will happen whether someone important to you dies or someone in your family gets diagnosed with a harsh disease. Furthermore, it is giving you the idea that all good must come to an end. In addition, the title also helps build up the theme. The title “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, it is pretty much saying that not anything gold, is able to stay. The characters do not play a role in the theme simply because there are no characters and without any characters they can’t help in any
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