Themes In The Outsiders

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In The Outsiders the Socials have been making the most trouble like fighting,mistreating people and stealing.My evidence is that in chapter 2 Johnny,Ponyboy and Dally were walking with cherry and out of now were bob and the other Socs came and they wanted to take cherry, but the Greasers took out their knife and broke a bottle so they kept walking with cherry, In chapter 4 pony and johnny was walking in the park and then they see a blue mustang and they knew it was the Socs and the Socs were taunting them and ponyboy spit and they decided to drown him.In chapter 9 they got in a gang fight Socs and Greasers.Also in the book it says that Greasers and the Socs were from the East so people saw the Socs as the nice and good kids because they have
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