Nt1310 Unit 2 Individual Assignment

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Learning Outcomes (1)
I can calculate simple interest on loans, interest rates, time period and repayments
Process success Criteria (2)
I can put the question into context
I can work out simple percentage
I can change percentage to decimal
I can use calculator effectively
I can change the subject of the simple formula
I can use substitution to do calculations
I can work out the interest when given time periods other than years.
Starter (3)
Display a three part question on the board. Ask the students to work out:
a) The percent of a given amount
b) The percent of a given amount (when percent is in a decimal form, e.g. 5.5%)
c) Change the subject of a simple linear formula, e.g. F=ma
Main (4)
Model examples will be done by the teacher, this being …show more content…

It is prepared for students to self-assess if they meet each criterion, a vital self-scaffolding technique. Not only that but most often the criteria are linked one another, hence they formulate the learning. Holton & Clarke (2006) highly recommends to empower the students to develop their own problem solving skills, with this in mind, the first process success criterion encourages students to analyse the question and get a greater picture before they start solving it. This is transferable skill that can be applied with any …show more content…

This is something that everyone must show as it is a “process success criterion”. Two examples will be displayed. They will be modelled by the teacher, but he will try to obtain as much information as possible from the students. As asserted by Holton and Clarke (2006), conceptual scaffolding should be provided in order to move students through ZPD. By the time the model questions have been completed, the scaffolding will almost be completely removed and the students will be working independently. This conforms to the notion of “hand over principle”, Dunphy and Dunphy (2003).
When the students work independently, the teacher should have his strategies to deal with frustrations ready. He has to make sure that the contents of the task fall within the students ZPD and a good interaction with the students is provided, Wood, Bruner and Ross (1976).
Students should be given meaningful feedback which is a very crucial point, particularly a verbal one as it allows a dialogue through talk. Misunderstanding can be picked up and addressed. Talk can lead to come across a wrong application of the knowledge and hence rectified immediately, Alexander

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