Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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To ensure the wireless signal is transmitted to every corner of the office space I recommend routers set-up with 4 directional antennas and a centralized Omni-directional antenna. The use of 2.4 GHz routers will increase data transmission speed 460-600 Mbps and provide 11 channels per router to support decrease in network collisions and prevent data packet from being dropped (Lazar, n.d.). All computing devices must be equipped with latest Windows 10 for business and use VPN tunnels to remotely connect and send print jobs to the Austin location. In addition, all workstations must manually be configured with the latest printer drivers to recognize the device. For remote access to wireless printers I would recommend assigning static IP address to each remote printer for ease of navigation and connectivity to the device. The new location will demand mobile access to the printers via any device and for that reason I would recommend the implementation of Google print for all remote print jobs that will be send to Austin. Google print is a solution for printer access from anywhere …show more content…

Appling changes like these will speed up network traffic and data transfer for all teleconferencing needs of the office, avoid signal interference by nearby devices or in cases of need to penetrate solid objects such as wall, the 2.4 GHz interface could be used again, make sure non-overlapping channels are selected. Rapid problem resolution could be performed via any Windows OS equipped device, a router on the same network could be accessed and re configured via the

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