Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment

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A fault Event-ID as: 4625 gets highlighted along with a message reading as: “It seems that the account was not able to complete its log-on process” while attempting to create a new local standard user. The detail of the fault merely reads as: “Windows failed to load the class registry file and it seems that the system failed to locate the specified file”. What could be the best way of ensuring that a similar type of issue does not keep occurring?
Sensible instructions please to get rid of IE8 provided by Yahoo on WinXP
My system remains loaded with Windows XP and has Internet Explorer 8 installed on the same. The singular point of concern hovers around the fact as to what could be the right way of being able to remove Yahoo from my machine. …show more content…

Opting for the Fix-It program so as to eliminate the issue proves to be of bare aid, as far as, being able to eliminate the fault. What needs to be done?
Unable to connect to internet after removal of system tool virus
The major point of concern remains that I am simply not able to establish an apt connection to the internet either with the help of the AOL or the Internet Explorer 8 browser. The fault message, which gets displayed, reads as: “It appears as though Internet Explorer was merely not able to display the webpage”. Is there any way through which I might make sure that such an issue does not keep flaring-up time and over again?
Every time I click on IE icon I get error "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to Close"
The fault message, which keeps bothering me till an appreciable extent, simply reads as: “It appears as though Internet Explorer has encountered a typical form of fault and needs to be closed”. I am unable to fix the issue even after running the “SFC/Scannow” command as nothing really gets detected. Interested in knowing whether there is any way through which the issue might get

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