Nuclearpower Disadvantages

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Introduction: During this project I have been exploring the benefits and risks associated with the use of nuclear power as an energy resource. I have been investigating this topic from the perspectives of France, Luxembourg and China as well as analysing it from my own point of view. I remain undecided that the weight of evidence in favour of nuclear power is strong enough to overcome some very clear obstacles related to the risks of nuclear power, but am hoping that throughout the course of this investigation I will come to a conclusion.
Global Perspective: With such an amazing selection of alternatives for fossil fuels nowadays it’s a mystery why we don’t use these to our advantage. There is so much pressure on us to try and revert the
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Although this would improve the pollution and air quality as well as decrease greenhouse gasses, some people believe that because China is moving too fast with its nuclear industry. Some have criticised China for overlooking the safety issues and controls that come with building new reactors, especially ones that have only just been designed and have yet to be thoroughly tested. Proposals to build inland could also be risky as if there were an accident then it could contaminate rivers and potentially adversely affect millions of people, especially in rural China. Chinese engineers will need to take all of this into account if their nuclear programme is to be…show more content…
We will live in fear of nuclear power, re-telling horror stories of previous nuclear disasters, whilst living in a world running out of fossil fuels to burn. If we continue to use fossil fuels we will eventually not be able to leave our houses without gasmasks because the world will be covered in a dark cloud of pollution. Not only that but greenhouse gas levels will be dangerously high with an extremely negative effect on our environment. We need to not take our planet for granted as if we continue this way, it will not sustain our

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