Nuclear Energy Thesis

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1. Thesis Title

Nuclear energy: it's efficiency sufficient to justify danger?

2. Thesis Description

Thesis statement: Although nuclear energy has been proposed as a solution for our energy requirements it is not reliable because of issues regarding safety, nuclear waste storage. It is possible in a medium-long period of time to replace it with renewable energies.

Nuclear energy is one of the lastest sources of energy discovered by humanity. The progress and the technological development pushes humanity to find enough electrical energy to make our electronic devices to work. Since the human being has built a world dependent on electricity to what extent we risk our sefety to protect our interest? Nuclear energy is the most evident example
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"World Nuclear Association."Outline History of Nuclear Energy. Ed. World Nuclear Association. World Nuclear Association, n.d. Web. 01 June 2015.

Since some of them might offer a partial position on the topic, pro or against nuclear energy I will try to compare their data every time I am talking about a specific event or situation in order to provide data that are as objective as possible. Even though a thesis should be used to demonstrate a position it is politically correct to list the same data from different sources and not just by the one that is more similar to my position.

8. Main Objectives

Nuclear energy has become an integral part our lives. Every time we plug a device into a powerpoint usually we do not think about where does that electricity comes from. I used this example to demonstrate that nuclear energy is something everybody should care about because, even if we don't want to, it belongs to our reality and not thinking about an issue will not solve it. Nuclear energy in itself it is not an issue but the consequences of an accident will affect seriously our lives so, since prevention is better than cure, it is better to solve possible issues by limiting the factors that can made them happen. The main objective of this thesis is to make people aware about the nuclear issues in a more detailed
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1. Abstract and introduction: The energy crisis problem, Introduction of the topic (nuclear energy), thesis statement, why the problem is important, how I'm going to analyze and solve it in the next chapters.
2. Chapter 1: Historical background and functioning of nuclear energy: The history and how does nuclear energy work is critical to understand the uses and the dangers of this type of energy.
3. Chapter 2: Efficiency and risks of nuclear energy: the efficiency of nuclear energy compared to fossil fuels and other sources of energy, the use of nuclear energy in civil and military sector and its distribution worldwide, the problems concerning nuclear waste storage, accidents, radioactivity
4. Chapter 3: Possible solution to the problem: nuclear power plant conversion, a process that requires time, increase the investments on renewable energies, the last discoveries in this solar, wind, hydroelectric sector
5. Conclusion: Nuclear energy is the bridge between fossil fuels and renewable energy, after efficiency/risk analysis we have to recognize that it should not become the energy of the XXI century.

Thesis Plan for the
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