Fission Vs Nuclear Fusion Essay

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Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion are reactions that release energy because of the high-powered atomic bonds between the particles in the nucleus. To understand fission and fusion reactions, we must first understand the difference between them. In a fission reaction, a massive nucleus is split in the form of gamma rays, free neutrons and other subatomic particles. In a fusion reaction, two nuclei combine to form a new element that contains more protons in the nucleus (higher atomic number). Those are the basic definitions of the fusion and fission reactions. There are still many more important differences between the two that we need to discuss. (ii)Differences One of the major differences between the two reactions is that fission does not …show more content…

At long distances, two nuclei repel each other due to the positive protons and the electrostatic force. However, if two nuclei were to be brought close enough the electrostatic repulsion can be overcome by the attractive force of the nuclear force, which becomes stronger at nearer distances. In the diagram below, the electrostatic force between the positively charged nuclei is repulsive, but when the separation is small enough, the attractive nuclear forces is stronger. As a result, the requirement for fusion reaction to occur is that the two nuclei are brought close together for enough time for the nuclear force to …show more content…

In this diagram, a neutron is absorbed by a uranium-235 nucleus, as a result, it turns of a small period of time to an excited uranium-236 nucleus, with the excitation energy provided by the kinetic energy of the neutron plus the forces that bind to the neutron. The uranium-236 then splits into two, smaller, lighter, fast-moving elements (these are known as fission products) and releases three free neutrons as well as gamma rays. Fusion and fission are nuclear reactions. Fusion is the binding of two atoms to produce a heavier atom while fission is splitting of an atom. Fusion releases more energy than fission and powers the stars. Fission is used in nuclear power plants and produce a great amount of energy for us. To produce any type of these reactions, different conditions must be met and different amount of energy is

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