The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Power

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Nuclear Power Support or Fear
The global energy demand is increasing as years go by as there is a rapid growth of population in deed of power. Due to the high demand for energy, many people are opting to replace other forms of energy with nuclear power because of its safety, reliability, and sustainability. In addition, it is one of the cleanest carbon free sources of energy available in the world today. Nuclear power is the use of continuous nuclear fission to produce electricity and heat. However, there are a number of controversies over the use of nuclear energy with some supporting its use while others opposing the use of nuclear energy. Despite the controversy on whether to use nuclear energy as an alternative, nuclear power has proved to be safe, reliable, clean, and inexpensive. Therefore, Nuclear energy should replace other forms of power around the globe because it is more environmentally friendly, cost effective, and safe for use and to exist with human beings compared to other forms of energy being used today.
One of the main benefits of nuclear energy over other forms of energy is that it is a clean way to produce energy. Nuclear energy does not result in the emission of any of greenhouses gases and other poisonous gases for instance, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. Nuclear power produces clean and compact energy with no carbon dioxide and using it is the best way to stop the global greenhouse emission causing global warming (Greenberg and Heather 820).

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