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Annie Clark Tanner was born on September 24, 1864 in Farmington Utah. Annie was born into a polygamist family and grew up her entire life centered around polygamy. She was proud to be born into a family that practiced this type of life style. She was an obedient young child and always look forward to spending time with her parents. Annie cherished education and went to the religious school in Provo Utah. There she met her husband Myron Tanner.
Annie was the second wife of Mr. Tanner and would not except marriage without first talking to his first wife Jennie. Because of new laws being past by the U.S. government polygamy was illegal in the territory. Knowing this Annie still married Mr. Tanner on December 27th, 1883. Annie knowing that she was being married illegally still was happy about the cause of living a higher way of life. Mr. Tanner was married to his third wife within six months of marring Annie. This made Annie frustrated, but she made up her mind that she would love his third wife to get along.
Annie lived most of her young married life running from the law. For some time, she lived in the underground running from the law to keep her husband out of prison. Throughout this time, she longs for her own home to raise her children. Annie finally gets that dream when her father gives her a …show more content…

The theme of obedience is a key stone in Utah. The people who first settled the area had to be obedient to the leaders and work together to survive. It reviles how women, even though they were obedient, were strong. They would do a lot on there own and give everything they had for their families. The book also explains about the underground that the women went through and how Utah was a problem for the government. Mormons have been a major part in Utah history and Annie does a splendid job at helping other see that if it was not for Mormons Utah would be a different

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