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American Lit Born to a loving young couple, looking up at the doctor not knowing how the world works. Just coming out of the womb and being laid onto her mother 's arms, so harmless, so unknowing, so curious. That is Bailey Marie Storey. Many others have been in the exact same position but, there 's a 99.99 percent chance you will never walk the same footsteps as her. The life that each and every person lives is different. Some can end quickly, whiles others can change in an instant. Moments that are spontaneous, not planned, and never taken for granted are the life changing memories that you can never get back. Those moments are called life. Lisa Marie Snavely is Bailey’s mother. She grew up in the exact spot that she is raising Bailey. …show more content…

Born at Home Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana, around 10 P.M. Bailey was two weeks late. Bright brown eyes and a head full of black hair, that was what you noticed first about her. Years go by before she can remember anything, but the very first memory she has about her childhood is playing in the sandbox. Surrounded by corn/ beans fields the yard is closed in. The metal playset that included a swing set, a plastic slide and a bar. There was a tractor tire that was buried into the ground that made her feel like she was on top of the world when climbed on top of. Countless hours playing outside in the small box that had sand in it. There was a garden hose attached to the house, the hose was long enough to stretch from the house to the sand box. One time Bailey came in completely covered in mud. Lisa and Kris couldn 't believe mud could be in so many places: eyes, nose, ears, bellybutton, even between her cheeks. After countless showers and pictures taken Bailey was finally mud free. Growing up being the oldest and only child/grandchild, the amount of attention she got was endless. One day her parents started to pack up all of the clothes, carebears, and take them down to Bailey’s grandparents. Donna and David Snavely were Lisa’s parents, they only lived one field away. This was very helpful when Lisa and Kris went to work. Bailey’s relationship with her mom’s side of the family is very close. Staying the night with her grandparents would put a big, goofy smile on her face. …show more content…

Pioneer Jr./Sr. High School (PHS) has 7th- 12th grade is in a building and K-6th grade is at another building. Both of these schools are located in Royal Center, Indiana. Finally reaching the high school,Bailey was so excited but also intimidated on the first day. She wasn 't used to all the people that were filling the hallways; talking, laughing, hitting each other. She thought it was all so aggressive, in which she was used to from her family, but not in a public place. As most students do in high school they adjust to the high school setting. While being in the seventh and eighth grade, Bailey had continued to achieve the honor roll and had a group of friends. Katelyn Hobbs, Cassidy Young, and Alyana Campbell were her best friends. Every weekend they would stay at each others houses. Katelyn’s mother and Alyana’s father were single. Eventually, with being around each other so much, us girls got the two to go on a date together. Soon, Katelyn and Alyana moved in together, which made it easier for all of us to spend time together. At Bailey’s 12th birthday party, her best friends showed up. That night they all had the bright idea to go tee-pee Bailey’s father’s close friend, (Jeff Hughes), that was teasing the girls. Bailey’s mother drove them to the store, while the girls bought about 20 rolls of the cheapest toilet paper they could find. After they bought the toilet paper, the girls went to Jeff’s house. None of the girls have ever got tee-peeing before. They were

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