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Emily Taylor Fletcher is a nineteen year old, strawberry-blonde, blue eyed college student. Emily is originally from Amity, AR. She graduated from Centerpoint High School and is now in her second year of college. Even with it being her second year at National Park, she’s still very shy. Emily may be shy but she has many hobbies, a family she cares for, and a list of goals she hopes to accomplish.

Emily’s hobbies help her stay social and active during the week. She enjoys jeeping with her friends on the most beautiful of days. While jeeping around she yells at people to try and get their attention. Not only does she yell at them, but she also sings to them. Emily likes to think that singng to people boosts their self esteem and makes their day better. Whenever Emily and her friends aren’t jeeping around town, they go gamble at Oaklawn. They may be losing money but they will never lose the memories from all the hilarious drunks’ pick up lines. After all their money is gone and they have made enough memories for the evening, they decide to move on to a more peaceful environment. Emily usually goes to her friend’s house to stay the night. When …show more content…

Emily’s life goals Emily’s life goals let people know that she has a caring and compassionate heart. Emily wants 2 kids, preferably twin boys. She wants twin BOYS because she is more a sporty person and she believes it will be easier to potty train them both at once. Emily also wants to become a social worker so she can help those in a domestic violence situation. She has a heart for people. She has expectations for others but also for herself. Emily wants to be unique and build her own house to the liking of what she wants. She wants the house to fit the lifestyle she falls into as she raises her family. Her life goals give her a visual of where she wants to be. They help her stay focused on her school work and help her keep her eyes on the big

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