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“What makes a hero truly great is that they never despair” said Roy Thomson. Odysseus knows that his men will die, but he keeps pushing on to get home. In the Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus shows he is an epic hero by his great strength and all his epic hero abilities. Odysseus has to travel home from the Trojan war, which he did not want to go to. He wants to get home so he reunite with his wife and son. But when he gets home he has to prove that it is really him Odysseus. He proves he is an epic hero by battling Polyphemus, escaping the land of the lotus eaters, and battling all the suitors that took over his home while he was on his journey. Odysseus shows he is an epic hero by battling supernatural foes. Like when he battled against Polyphemus,…show more content…
He knows he and his men have to get off the island before they eat the lotus flower and have no care in the world. “I drove them all three wailing, to the ships, tied them down under their rowing bench and called the rest.”(Homer 602) He wants to get home, so he has to get the men back that he sent out looking over the island. When he gets them he has to drag them back because they ate the lotus flower and want to stay with the other people that eat the flower too. He also did not want to leave without them. This shows that he cares for himself and his crew. He does not want to be stuck there on the island and wants to get home and see his family. He could have stayed and ate the flower and not have a care in the world. But he wants to let his men home and he wants to be home, so he gets all his men on board the ship and they sail out. Odysseus is an epic hero he did not want to stay he wants to get home. He could have taken the easy way and just ate the…show more content…
He slays all the suitors that lived at his house and drank his wine and ate his food. “I would not stay my hands from the slaughter.” (Homer 640) All the suitors stayed at his house and are trying to marry his wife while he is away at Troy trying to get home. All of the suitors that stayed there ate his food and drank his wine too. He made the suitors pay for eating his food, drinking his wine, and trying to marry his wife, Penelope. He shot the suitors with his bow and then when he ran out of arrows him and his son killed all of the people with their

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