The Dynamic Character Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus has many trials throughout his adventure. The Homeric usual hero is what he is set up as but unlike most of them he redefines himself. Homer’s creation of Odysseus as a dynamic character through the stories within stories and conflict explores the importance of the evolution of characters despite his apparent hero status within Greek culture

Odysseus displays a strong hubris in the first parts of the Odyssey which would fit his reputation as the famous war hero he is. This turns to become a burden on him, he is determined and cares for his men yet his selfish and arrogant behavior cost him those men. Odysseus throughout the story implements his hubris and makes reckless moves which ultimately causes disaster in the long run. 'So they
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The one goal he has in mind is home and this drives him further into building off the lessons learned and the mistakes he has made from his own errors. He has had his journey full of trials now and at the end of the story it is the homecoming where he breaks the mold of archetypal hero. “You dogs, you never thought I would any more come back from the land of Troy, and because of that you despoiled my household, and forcibly took my serving women to sleep beside you, and sought to win my wife while I was still alive, fearing neither the immortal gods who hold the wide heaven, nor any resentment sprung from men to be yours in the future. Now upon you all the terms of destruction are fastened” Odysseus’ is home in Ithaca and begins to claim his home back by dismantling the suitors who attempted to take over his kingdom and his wife in his absence. He gives the peroration before the slaughter and calls out their traits and actions that he once had early on in the Odyssey, so this speech is what shows the change within himself. He no longer arrogantly seeks glory or forsake others or the gods for his own sake, like all archetypal Homeric heroes. His heart and mind now are focused on the sake of his wife, son, and kingdom and claiming what is his by right. So he must vanquish the evil that stands in his way and wants to eliminate them and punish for their contempt of the gods and breaking the rules of Xenia as he once had done. Odysseus brings upon his wrath on the suitors, who are much like the younger Odysseus in the earlier tales, which is the easiest way to see that he has changed because he now looks down upon those who have done what he use to be proud
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