Qualities Of Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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Everyone knows at least one person that everybody looks up to; they have great characteristics such as leadership or bravery. Those characteristics can make it seem like they are the perfect person. Odysseus is looked up by all the people in Ithaca and is followed by many because of the great characteristics he possesses. The mighty Odysseus, from the book The Odyssey written by Homer, is a man with lots of different characteristics, some are great and some are not. Odysseus has many exemplary qualities that let him be great among all the mortal men of his time. With the great skills of leadership, having immense amount of courage, and to be very intelligent, these things let him do great things for his people and his family. Odysseus escaped many dangerous situations that would of killed him or his men, as in Book IX when he tells the Goggle-eyed giant, Polyphemus, that his name is Noman or in Book XXIII when he starts to play wedding music after he killed all the suitors so that no one would suspect the death of the suitors. Odysseus also shows a great courage by taking on the hundreds of suitors on all at once. With his leadership though, Odysseus is able to defeat the Troy and lead his men on his quest to get back home. These qualities let Odysseus be the great king he is and although …show more content…

Odysseus is filled with lots of pride and arrogance. In Book IX when Odysseus tells Polyphemus his name and full address, this allows Polyphemus to be able to curse Odysseus after Odysseus told Polyphemus, “I wish to kill you and send you to hell as surely no one will ever unblind your eye, not even Earthshaker!” Odysseus also does not seem to care about whether his men are to die. Odysseus tended to either stand by or to leave them die. Odysseus just left for his men to die when he came in contact with the Laestygonians. Even with Odysseus having many great qualities, he still has some

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