Odysseus 'Use Of Dramatic Irony In Homer's Odyssey'

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1. What does Telemachus tell Penelope in regards to the news he heard from Menelaus and Nestor in regards to Odysseus? He tells her the little news he received about Odysseus, but doesn’t tell her he meet Odysseus at the swineherd’s hut. 2. How are Eumaeus and Odysseus (disguised as an old beggar) treated upon their entrance to the palace? They are treated as if their unwanted there. 3. Describe the confrontation between Antinous and Odysseus, the beggar. Antinous Insults Odysseus, Odysseus responds then Antinous hits him with a stool. 4. How does Homer use dramatic irony in Book 17? (Especially in the scenes with the suitors) What is the effect created? Homer uses dramatic irony when the suitors start to attack them

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