Oedipus The King Blindness

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In a tragic play, the tragic hero does something that will destroy himself. In the play Oedipus The King, Oedipus is the main character. Oedipus The King prevails mediated by many to be the impeccable tragedy and the perfect archetype for all tragedies. The well-built reason this play is abiding remains constructed with the idea that tragic events will happen if you don 't hark your destiny. As the play progresses, we see Oedipus running from his destiny as he runs right into it. When the speculations of how King Laius died arises Oedipus is blind to the truth. This evolves the crucial theme of blindness in every part of the play. Presuming he can outsmart his prophecy, his turmoil causes him to fulfill it.
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Oedipus becomes aware that the baby may be him. He realizes that while he is being considered a hero at the same time he has been doing what the oracle Teiresias prophesied he would end up doing. “I was fated to lie with my mother, and show to daylight an accursed breed which men would not endure, and I was doomed to be murdered of the father that begot me”. (line 22-25) Oedipus not want Teiresias ' prophecies to come true. Although he 's tried everything that he can to go against the prophecy, by trying to avoid it he ran right into the prophecy. He has killed Laius and married Jocasta. Unknowingly, he and his mother, Jocasta had been fulfilling the prophecy. Oedipus had been ashamed of fulfilling the prophecy, so he gouged his eyes so he could not see the faces of those who looked down on him.
In the play Oedipus The King, Oedipus ran from his destiny, blinded by truth. The overall cause of Oedipus ' trragic downfall is his unwillingness to accept his “GOD” given fate. Therefore, Oedipus The King is an example of a tragic hero, in view of the fact that tragic events will happen if you don 't hark your destiny. At the end of the play, he was a blind man who hated himself for his evil deeds. For this reason Oedipus The King can be considered a tragic hero because he committed an action which ultimately

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