Of Mice And Men Barn Analysis

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Prompt #1 In chapter 5 of Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck describes the barn as a sheltered environment, however, the horseshoes and many other factors serve as a constant reminders to Lennie of the real world. While Lennie is trying to hide from the outside world by finding tranquility in the “lazy and warm” barn, “the clang of horseshoes” (84) bring him back to reality. The barn has a safe and inviting atmosphere which appeals to Lennie, however the intermittent sounds of the horseshoes detract from the security which the barn provides. The barn walls are also ineffective at shielding Lennie from the afternoon sun which “sliced in through the creeks of the barn walls.” (84), leaving Lennie helpless to defend against the blinding admonition …show more content…

Crooks is subjected to living amongst animals, meaning that his entire space is shared from the building that he sleeps in to his possessions, “His apple box…in it a range of medicines both for himself and for the horses” (66). Having Crooks live among the animals is something that stands out, symbolizing his value as a black man in that day and age, however, this is further exacerbated by the verity of his having to share everything with the animals. Being a black person during this time period means that he “kept his distance” from the other men, while also keeping his own area “swept and fairly neat” (67). Since he is banned from the bunk house where the men all sleep, Crooks is forced to keep his own area as nice as possible so that he can be content with his space. This may seem like a healthy alternative to being among the other men, although the reality is that a clean and neat space is still empty without company. When Candy first enters the room he mentions that it is nice to have a room all to yourself, however Crooks quickly retorts, “Sure, … And a manure pile under the window” (75). Many, including Candy, at first perceive Crooks’ housing situation a gift, in reality it is a curse with much difficulty and

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