Of Mice And Men: Friendship And Conflict

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Of Mice and Men might be an old story but it stays true to its theme of friendship and conflict. In Of Mice and Men it's really about two men, Lennie and George who are faced with lots of obstacles because of their outside appearances but internally they are very opposite to their body shapes from first glance. Lennies this big tough guy but on the inside he struggles from day to day life because of his mental disability.George is vice versa just because he is small doesn't account to anything George tends to want things his way and has more of a restricted personality but Lennie and George have something in common they both have each others backs like a true friendship. Steinbeck's “ Lennie, who had been watching, imitated George exactly. …show more content…

It is about a family that is troubled and embarrassed, Arnie and Gilbert are the two main characters.Gilbert is the Georg in film he is always looking out for Arnie. Arnie relates to Lennie in the film always causing trouble but does not mean to . Arnie has a mental disability he was supposed to die years ago but never did. Gilbert has taken the responsibility of taking care of Arnie this is exactly how George and Lennie's relationship is like and that’s how these two stories relate.The scene starts with Arnie waiting in the car for Gilbert to come outside Mrs. Carver's house, Gilbert tells Arnie to count until he comes back ‘unpacking the groceries’ after a while Arnie gets distracted and climbs the water tower eventually Gilbert finds out and rushes to the water tower where the crowd is is watching Arnie climb. The cop says he promised this would be the last time Gilbert says he can't help it ( What's Eating Gibert Grape?). I had picked this scene because I know this was an important part because it represents how Arnie can't help what he does he has been protected of his mistakes and never learned from them. This is why he kept the climbing the water tower and why Lenny kept killing the mice and puppies.The one thing What's eating Gilbert Grape? and Of Mice and Men share is that they're both good stories about struggle with internal and external conflict and how strong they stick together

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