Theme Of Friendship In Of Mice And Men

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A true friendship is something that everyone wants to have but not everyone can have it. in the novella Of Mice and Men the author shows the true meaning of friendship and these 2 best friends Lennie and George shows that they have Friendship and they love each other,care for each other and always have their backs i give some really great evidence and try to show you the relationship these guys had. Through the book George one of the two main characters he shows how he cares and takes care of his good friend the other important character Lennie,who was a mental disability but he still loves him but he does show some tough love.In the book George has been shown numerous times that he takes care of Lennie but the first quote It 's because Lennie was in trouble he was about to die,but his friend does something really beautiful “Couldn 't we just lock him up the poor bastards nuts{steinbeck 87}”In this quote he 's trying to convince the guys who were about to kill him by saying he didn 't know what he was doing,This quote means that he really cares for his friend and he 's trying to save him.This Second quote is one of the most important quotes because its clearly shows how hes trying to save his good friend as the topic sentence says.In the next quote i will show you guys is a really powerful quote it shows how george always has Lennie 's back and teaches him and tells him to fight back”if the son of a bitch socks you you sock him back”{Steinbeck 96]In this quote he 's saying

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