When George Killed Lennie

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Title Goes Here George is overall a really good friend to Lennie. George may have his moments throughout the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck but his protectiveness towards Lennie, and loyalty show he truly is a good friend. George shows how protective he is for Lennie by constantly talking about him being an amazing farm hand (Steinbeck 22). The reason he always does that is because he wants to ensure he has a job so he won’t struggle with having to find one himself. George also constantly tells Lennie stay away from Curley and his wife (Steinbeck 32). He’s trying to protect Lennie, being so innocent he easily gets into trouble. All of these examples not only show how he protects Lennie but also guides him. George has always stayed with Lennie regardless. For example in Weed Lennie pulled on a little girls dress which caused the men from that town to go on a man hunt for Lennie (Steinbeck 41). Rather than leave Lennie, George ran away with Lennie because he knew Lennie was completely helpless without his guidance (Steinbeck 20). George at this point had been chased out of multiple towns because of Lennie (Steinbeck 42). If George …show more content…

In reality the only reason George killed Lennie was because he didn't want Lennie to be lynched or killed by a random stranger George could have continued to run with Lennie but at some point he would make another huge mistake. George couldn’t allow Lennie to get away with murder. While a true friend will hopefully never kill or even think about killing their best friend, in this situation it was the only reasonable thing to do for not only Lennie’s own good but for the safety of the general public. A true friend wouldn’t allow their best friend to not only be humiliated but killed in front of strangers for a mistake he had made because he truly didn’t know any

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