Comparing John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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“Of Mice and Men” Performance Task I think that it is a good thing that George Killed Lennie because Lennie had been killing people and animals. But I think that John Steinbeck wrote the book “Of Mice and Men” because he wanted to show us/the reader how bad it was then and compare it to how bad we thought/think it is now. If we the reader(s) compare then to now we would see how bad it used to be and we think that our lives are bad but really there not that bad. To me this book could show a lot of kids that they need to respect their parents because if it was not for them they could have lived like the people in the book “Of Mice and Men”. my reasoning for this is children dont respect their parents and I am not afraid to admit it i don't respect my gardiens then I realized that if it was not for …show more content…

To be honest George and Lennie were really good friends but they were more than just friends they were like family. I believe that George and Lennie were meant to be together. George protected Lennie and makes sure that no one hurt him because George cares about Lennie and promised to be there for him. George also promised Lennie that he would be there to protect him and that he would never let anyone hurt him. Sure enough, George kept his promise to Lennie. First, George and Lennie need each other to pretty much live! If it was not for George, Lennie would be dead by now. Lennie would never be able to make it anywhere without George. In the book “Of Mice and Men” Lennie grabbed a girl's dress when they worked in “Weed” and the girl screamed so Lennie got scared and then would not let go of her dress and if George was not there to get Lennie to let go of the girls dress then he would have gotten killed. That girl would be dead if it weren't for George being there to stop Lennie. My reason for Believing this is because if they would not have gone to the farm then the neither the puppy nor the girl would have

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