Of Mice And Men Loyalty Analysis

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Loyalty is like a chunk of gold at the bottom of a river- sometimes it’s fake, sometimes it takes awhile to find, but when it’s real it has great value. As shown in Of Mice and Men, loyalty is a huge part of having a strong, positive relationship with someone. Lennie and George effectively demonstrate this with their close bond to each other. Additionally, it is shown between Candy and his dog. However, with Curley and his wife there is no trust between them and therefore they have a weak connection. In order to have a functional relationship there must be the backbone of dedication and devotion.

In Of Mice and Men it shown that Lennie and George have a great friendship built off of their commitment to each other. Lennie trusts George …show more content…

Curley’s wife is not dedicated to Curley as she has the eye for other men (pg 28, p4). Evidently Curley’s wife isn’t loyal to him as she doesn’t bother hiding her interest in other people. Since she has no dedication to him, their partnership is broken. Curley’s wife doesn’t care about Curley at all which is shown when he gets into a fight and she expresses her appreciation of him getting injured (pg 81, p11). She has no respect for her husband and doesn’t show any concern for him. It is further proof that they do not have a true relationship. However, it goes both ways as Curley doesn’t trust his wife at all. He automatically assumes that she is making romantic advances on Slim when he can’t find her around the ranch (pg 54, p6). Without even thinking twice about it, Curley believes the worst of his wife and that she has no devotion at all. The act displays that there is no trust between the two of them and they do not have a strong bond. Ergo, Curley and his wife confirm that loyalty is needed in order for there to be a strong relationship between people.

In conclusion, Of Mice and Men effectively shows how important loyalty is between people. Without it, relationships will be broken down to nothing. So while George, Lennie, Candy and his dog all found that gold at the bottom of the river, Curley and his wife struck a patch of fool's gold and have to live with their

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