Omelas Utopian

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The story “The Ones Who Walk away from Omelas” is a story that can relate to the real world that we are living in today, being able to be pleasured without guilt. Although the world is not much as a Utopian world for people, but more of a place where someone who wants to be pleasured or happy without feeling guilty. Our civilization is willing to take guiltless trips in or to be happy or satisfied, not knowing what danger they could be causing. In the story, there is a Summer Festival that attracts numerous amount of people of various ages. Omelas was known as a Utopian city that can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone, with everything they have ever imagined while being guilt free. “Omelas sounds in my words like a city in a fairy tale, long ago and far away, once upon a time” (LeGuin). Omelas is a city where everything is just perfect to the human eye, there is music, rides, food, sex, etc. The festival had a bargain with everyone that is a bit stranger than normal. In order for everyone to enjoy themselves, and for the Utopian city of Omelas to exist, everyone from the ages of the adolescent and above is to know a series of things. Under the city of Omelas there is a half-starved…show more content…
Meaning everything is a competition show ruthless and careless acts, and the person who succeeds will be on top with little worries. On the other hand the loser not only has to suffer his/her defeat, but live with it for the rest of their lives. “The dictionary usually defines guilt in terms of committing some act one knows is wrong, but someone can also feel guilty where no offense has been committed. This type of guilt is defined as being psychologically driven” (Warren). This definition can be compared as the people would see the nameless child and completely walk away without offering to help free
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