On Communication By Bohm Summary

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An acceptable listener is a person who is able to put aside their thoughts and opinions in order to digest someone else’s views that are possibly different. However, the person can retain their own opinions even after listening, but for that moment they had an open mind during the discussion. In “On Communication”, Bohm is trying to manifest the readers why listening is critical. Bohm states that “communication can lead to the creation of something new only if people are able to freely listen to each other, without prejudice and without trying to influence each other.” In that statement, it is clear that Bohm is telling the importance of listening to one another. However, people must listen to each other, no matter anyone’s opinion, since that’s how new ideas are created, how people come together, and how people become educated.
The way people are able to create distinct ideas in the world is by communicating and in return listening. If someone was to truly ponder about how things have been created, they would realize that it takes communication. For example, if someone …show more content…

People must listen to others, yet also listen to the readings of another person. If one was to not listen to for instance, their teacher, that person is unable to learn in the classroom. This concept goes from in school, all the way up to a job. An example, could be when someone is unwilling to listen to a boss could result in them losing their job which in return that person could possibly not acquire another job. However, if someone was to listen to their boss, it could be seen and in return a promotion could be rewarded to the person. In “The Allegory of the Cave”, Plato’s idea of the human who escaped the cave, but came back to tell about his learnings but the other people in the cave did not want to listen to him since they believed that the cave was the real truth and did not want to be educated about the outside

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