Ophelia's Dishonesty In Hamlet

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Relationships are essential when it comes to interacting with other and creating life long bonds with other people. But, sometimes these bridges of trust that take years to create come crumbling down when someone you have established a bond with betrays you. The deception could range from telling a white lie to killing someone you care about. When people are betrayed a sense of anger overpowers them and it can make people do some outrageous acts in order to accomplish successful revenge. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet there are tons of dishonesty all over the place ranging from spying on friends to lying about the murder of the king. Betrayal and mistrust throughout the play anger Hamlet and drive him to commit violent actions and outbursts against his friends and family. The relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia is …show more content…

His girlfriend, Ophelia, betrays his trust by allowing Polonius to spy on their private conversation, Hamlet figures this out and begins to treat her by using extremely sexual and rude language with her. Next, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern spy on Hamlet and attempt to deliver a letter ordering his death. Hamlet notices there deceptive behaviour and ends up having them executed by pirates. Additionally, Hamlet’s mother married his uncle Claudius for the sole purpose of remaining queen, she also gets past the sudden death of her husband very quickly, this angers Hamlet, he feels as if she betrayed the family. Hamlet beings to treat Gertrude very poorly, explain his emotion while being very rude and hurtful toward her. Lastly, Claudius, the man responsible for the death of Hamlet’s father, is eventually killed because Hamlet was flushed with rage by the murder and by the lack of remorse from Claudius. After being betrayed, Hamlet seeks a type of revenge towards these individuals, whether it results is their death, or verbally abusing

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