Was Hamlet Responsible For The Death Of King Hamlet

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The events following King Hamlet’s death lead to a tragic end for the court of Denmark. When falsehoods and deceptions came into light, the consequences son followed. Claudius, the new king, now has the responsibility of managing a nation and dealing with the guilt from his crime. Hamlet by William Shakespeare depicts the motives and repercussions of Claudius’ dishonest actions. With the return of King Hamlet in the form of a ghost, it is revealed that Claudius, his own brother, was responsible for his death. Motivated by the greed for power and the crown, Claudius poisoned the King Hamlet as he rested in the orchards. Instead of receiving punishment for his crime, Claudius gained the title of King of Denmark and the love of Queen Gertrude, his brother 's wife. King Hamlet 's death was blamed on the bite of a serpent as the truth of his death went untold. The price of the…show more content…
Claudius is one character whose motivations and actions created tension and the need for revenge. The deception and murder committed by Claudius became a pivotal element of the story when Prince Hamlet was transfixed in avenging his dead father and punishing his uncle. King Claudius’ need to maintain his power and Prince Hamlet’s desire for revenge became a fight between justice and corruption. A lesson that can be learned from the play is that the repercussions of one 's actions will always make an appearance. In Claudius’ case, he lost everything including his life as infliction of his crimes. The motivation of Claudius’ crime against his brother are depicted as envy of King Hamlet’s power and love life. Living in his brother’ shadow, Claudius sought control by replacing him as king and Gertrude 's husband. The people impacted by the deceiving and lying done by Claudius soon sought revenge and he had to face the consequences. At the end, he losses all the things he killed for to
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