Hamlets Justified: Were Hamlet's Actions Justified?

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Were Hamlets Actions Justified? Were his actions justified, that is the question. Hamlet’s father (King Hamlet) died. In less than 2 months Hamlet’s mother (Gertrude) married his uncle (Claudius). Hamlet’s friend came to him telling him that he saw the ghost of his dad. The next night Hamlet was on lookout for the ghost. The ghost told him that Claudius killed him by putting poison in his ear. Hamlet accidentally killed Polonius thinking it was Claudius; he also killed Laertes (Polonius’s son). Did Hamlet have a reason for his actions? The treatment of Gertrude, treatment of Ophelia, delaying and killing of Claudius is yet to be determined. The treatment of Gertrude was not justified. Hamlet had no reason to treat Gertrude like she did something wrong. Gertrude is not the one who killed Hamlet’s father. The ghost of Hamlet’s father says “Against thy mother aught: leave her to heaven” (doc. A). That means “don’t do any harm to your mother. Leave her to God and her own guilt.” Hamlet then had no reason to treat Gertrude badly. He was very rough with her. Hamlet killed Polonius right in front of Gertrude, thinking he was Claudius. (doc. C). That must have been terrifying for Gertrude; she did not deserve to witness that. Hamlet had no point to treat her in the way that he did. Hamlet was angry with his mother because she married his uncle; yet his uncle killed his father. Hamlet shouldn’t have thrown a fit for that reason. He should’ve been telling his mother

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