Flaws In Hamlet

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Over Thinking and Its Effects On Society Everyone has flaws and flaws are great to have as it increases diversity, but sometimes flaws some flaws can lead to destruction. In the story of Macbeth the tragic flaw of unchecked ambition that created a monstrous Macbeth and multiple murders of innocent people, leading to Macbeth’s unruly power and greed. While in the story of Hamlet the tragic flaw of overthinking and Hamlet’s procrastination resulted in a domino effect of unnecessary deaths because he was unable to think quickly and follow through with his plan. The flaw of over thinking and inaction results in a world where no one can accomplish what needs to be done and our world can no longer progress at a faster rate. Throughout the story…show more content…
Hamlet's overthinking and inaction led to several unnecessary murders. Hamlet knew that Claudius is guilty, yet he still wants to make sure, therefore Hamlet made a play that played out the exact way that Claudius had killed King Hamlet. Hamlet had done this in order to watch how Claudius reacts to make sure that Claudius is the one who murdered his father, “I’ll observe his looks, if he do blench, I know my course” (Ham.2.2.583-585) “Now might I do it pat, now’a is a-praying. And now I’ll do’t” ( Ham. 3.3.72-73), Hamlet says, as he is debating whether or not to kill the king as he prays and thinks to himself if he kills him now then the king will just go to heaven because he is praying. Because of him overthinking the murder of Claudius and not taking action at the time he was able to, he had created a domino effect of events. Hamlet finally followed through with his plan after a long time of thinking, but he had killed Polonius. Polonius’ murder led to Ophelia committing suicide and Laertes getting involved and wanting to venge on Hamlet for killing his…show more content…
When a person over thinks, it leads to procrastination which leads to being stressed out . Overthinking is not healthy for our minds and it disrupts our way of life, while ambition itself is a great thing to have. Overthinking is almost never a superior trait to have. If you are overanalyzing too much, then you can never come to a decision because a lot of times, you are just supposed to quickly think. In our modern society, many occupations require quick thinkers such as police officers, doctors, firefighters, and world leaders as the lives of others are in their hands. “That behavior, that mental habit of giving birth to thoughts and ideas that are not real or have already happened and nothing can be done, is destructive.” (Lidiya K. 4.1-2), this explains how over thinking is destructive to our minds. World leaders who overthink leads to a prolonged problem, just like in the Palestine-Israel conflict that has been going on for decades, yet the leaders have yet to come up with a solution or form of peace, while the leader of Israel, Netanyahu "is like a man who, while negotiating the division of a pizza, continues to eat it" (Y. Knell.
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