Examples Of Hamlet's Actions Justified

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Where hamlets actions justified? Did he really avenge is father? Well I don’t think so. Because of him Gertrude was treated very poorly and because of the got her killed, the treatment to Ophelia was not justified and it made her go crazy, he delayed the killing of the king which caused a lot of bad stuff to happen, but the killing of Claudius was justified because he avenged his father. So, the question are his actions justified? First, I do not think hamlets acts were justified because of the treatment Gertrude had. According to Doc A: The ghost says not to blame her and get revenge on his uncle but hamlet did blame her and she already remarried after just 1 month of being with the new king Claudius. According to Doc C: Hamlet was speaking in a very harsh way to Gertrude and she said “say no more these are like daggers in my heart”. Then Hamlet (thinking it was the king) stabs Polonius through the curtain. Then the ghost comes back and reminds hamlet that it is not Gertrude to blame. Because of his actions at the end Gertrude drinks a poisoned glass that was meant for hamlet and dies. Second, I don’t think Ophelia actions are justified either. According Doc C: Ophelia’s father Polonius was killed which really affected her and she became crazy. Then Hamlet lies to her saying he never really loved her which made her situation worse. And she was set up to see why hamlet is acting crazy and is spied on by Claudius to see where hamlet is week. So, as you can see Ophelia is put

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