Hamlet's Madness And Revenge Actions Are Justified

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I believed that Hamlet’s madness and revenge actions are justified because he was facing several very difficult situations, in a brief time. I think the best way to understand Hamlet’s actions is imagining being in his shoes. For a moment, visualize that your father dies suddenly without giving you time to say goodbye or to prepare you for the emptiness that his departure is going to leave in you. In addition, your uncle married your mother, two months after your father’s funeral. Those two situations are strong enough to destabilize any person. As if what Hamlet was living was not extreme enough, the ghost of his father begins to appear to demand revenge for his death. Hamlet found out through his father’s goth that he was murdered by Hamlet’s uncle. It is very difficult to imagen the level of pain, anger, and desire of revenge after losing both parents under so bizarre circumstances. The evil actions of the uncle to take control of the throne, I have no doubt, …show more content…

To test Claudius’s guilt, Hamlet adds a scene reenacting the murder of Hamlet’s father. Claudius abruptly leaves the play, and afterward, tries to pray. When Claudius is praying, Hamlet is considering killing him, but decides not to because he wants to kill him in sin so that he does not get a chance at last confession. They also all end up dying later in the story due to a sword fight and poison. In conclusion, I think that Hamlet 's actions were justified because if you put yourself in his place, the possibility of murdering your father 's murderer would undoubtedly be an option that would be in anyone 's head. Especially after what they did to you and your family. Besides all that, he took your father 's throne, which should have been yours. As if tragedies were not enough, one last calamity adds to so much suffering, the lady of your life, Ophelia, committed suicide because she lost her father and you murdered

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