Orpheus And Prejudice By Ocean Vuong Summary

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The poem Eurydice by Ocean Vuong, is constructed off the famous Greek Mythology legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. The many similes, metaphors and allusions to the story, represent the famous story in a more ambiguous style, that conveys Ocean Vuong’s occurring theme throughout his poem as the many different sides of love, including happiness, sacrifice and hurt. The abundant metaphor and simile represent and emphasize the feelings present throughout the poem, as well the transition from radiant happiness, to emotional hurt. The literary devices and symbolism employed through the poem, underscore the underlying messages in Eurydice. Based off the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Eurydice by Ocean Vuong, incorporates the classical elements of the ancient Greek legend with poetic figurative language and writing to establish a romantic mood centered on the theme of love. Orpheus and Eurydice, a tragic love story, is similar to Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Throughout the story, the main characters are seen to be deeply in love, however, a tragic event or occurrence seems to prevent the two characters from ever fully being together. For instance, Aristaeus, a jealous lover who sought Eurydice for himself, caused the death of Eurydice, thereby separating the Aristaeus sought to subjugate Orpheus and bring their love to an end. However, the two lovers ran into the woods together, effectively creating a long and tiresome chase. Consequently, Eurydice happened to stumble and

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