Tybalt's Death In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is known for its captivating love and tragic death. This is a novel about ever lasting love, unquenchable hatred, and brutal deaths. Love at first sight never ends so quickly as it does for these two star crossed lovers. Characteristics of Tybalt and Friar Lawrence play a major role in the deaths of the young Juliet and her Romeo.

Tybalt is a troublesome boy (119). He always pushes things and this time he pushes them too far. On page (121) Tybalt "scratches" Mercutio. If Tybalt learns enough is enough Mercutio's death could be prevented. Romeo, filled with anger, calls for Tybalt and takes on his revenge (123-125). Tybalt needs to learn to endure his enemy, then Romeo won't want to kill him (55). Because Tybalt can not control his anger, it causes a chain of events such …show more content…

Romeo's all consuming love for Juliet convinces Friar to marry the two lovers (89). This marriage causes emotional attachment and Juliet may not go to certain extremes in different circumstances. Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a potion that makes her appear dead (185). He tells her he will send Romeo a letter informing him of their plan. Friar neglects to send the letter quick enough and Romeo rushes to see if his love Juliet really is dead (223). Romeo finds Juliet in the Capulets tomb and he decides he doesn't want to live another second with out her. As he drinks the poison he gives his Juliet one last kiss (227). Friar shouldn't allow their love to go this far. He lets his own desire of ending the family feud compromise his decision. Romeo is banned and Friar should leave it at that, not push things further.mIf Juliet really wants to be with him she can runaway and leave everything else behind. Lastly, if Friar makes it a point to give Romeo the letter, all of this could be stopped. The note is a huge deal and Friar needs to take better responsibility to ensure the plan is

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