Who Is The Friar In Romeo And Juliet

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The story of Romeo and Juliet was a big ticking time bomb from the moment it started. In the classic tale of ¨Romeo and Juliet¨ By William Shakespeare, there were two lovers named Romeo and Juliet. Their families, however were rivals to one another and Romeo and Juliet then adored each other so much they married each other in secret from their families. Romeo slays a man from Juliet 's family and then Romeo was exiled from the land by the prince. Juliet is very sad about Romeo being banished. The friar made up a plan for Romeo to meet Juliet and live together. Juliet fell asleep, Romeo killed himself, Juliet woke up and killed herself, end of story. While several characters shared the blame for the star crossed lovers the guiltiest of all …show more content…

While others might say Romeo and Juliet had other influences to lead them to death, let 's use the friar as an example. Friar Lawrence married Romeo and Juliet together and he also came up with putting Juliet to sleep so she could be with Romeo plan. Romeo and Juliet were married by the friar, and they were delighted with that! The friar also helped with the plan of putting Juliet to sleep. The friar in general wanted to help both Romeo and Juliet. Here 's the reason why the friar isn 't to blame here, first Romeo convinced the friar to marry each other in the first place. Also the friar just wanted to help, he never intended to murder Romeo and Juliet. The friar was only trying to help Romeo throughout the story where he married the two, helped Juliet escape marrying Paris and other times as well. If the friar was helping all through the story, why was he being blamed for their deaths? He came up with the Juliet goes to sleep plan, but he was helping her ! The friar is a mentor for Romeo and Romeo looked at him as a role model. If they have almost a father son relationship, then why is he still getting blamed for the killing of the two? Friar¨ Hold thy desperate hand art thou a man? Thy cries art are womanish¨ III,iii,117-119. When Romeo drew this dagger to end this, the friar ranted for why he shouldn 't end it. When Romeo was at his weakest the, friar helped him get out of that horrible state. There 's absolutely no way the friar should be blamed for the deaths of

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