Examples Of Friar Responsible For Romeo And Juliet's Death

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I believe that Friar is responsible for the death of only Juliet. But i also believe that Mercutio is responsible for the death of Romeo. I believe this because Mercutio fought Tybalt and died, so Romeo decided to fight Tybalt for revenge and to avenge his cousin , Merctuio. Since Romeo was exiled to Mantua he did not know about the friars plan for Juliet to fake her death. Friar Lawrence helped Romeo and Juliet get married and keep a secret. After they were married Juliet was supposed to marry Paris. Juliet and Friar decide that she should play dead so she can still be married to Romeo. Afterwards their plan works and Romeo finds out about that Juliet is "dead", he kills himself. Once Juliet wakes up a few moments later and realizes that
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