Supernatural Elements In Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

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Coleridge is known for his use of supernatural elements in poetry. According to him, poet cannot just pour out his/her emotions. Poet should rise above the normal level of humans and poetry provides facts also. Immense stress on imagination is used, primary – impressed by something as in the topic comes from within. Secondary imagination – how one work over primary imagination, how you consciously work over the inspired topic.
A dream by Coleridge’s friend, John Cruikshank, was the inspiration for “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Coleridge and poet William Wordsworth discussed Cruikshank’s dream, with Wordsworth suggesting that Coleridge incorporate elements of the dream into a poem based on a crime committed on a ship at sea. Fancy is of the kind in mind with several images. To create images out of those. The poem is about an ancient mariner and he has to face a punishment. This poem is reflection of good and bad. Humans are capable of good and bad traits. Two world are represented in the poem, one is temporary and the other one is virtual world. Human psychy is used to show with two supernatural elements. Humans are not ready to listen to it. They form a wrong perception.
In poem
Ancient Mariner is the protagonist. People are so much fascinated by festives. They are stopped by Ancient Mariner who has a strange old look. Due to the eyes of Ancient Mariner, they could not say a no to him. He is quick, old and he tells the old story from his past. One of the guests ask

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