Othello Persuasive Essay

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Jozlynn Nichols

Virginia Rogers


4 April 2023


Othello, written in 1604, is often considered one of Shakespeare’s most tragic pieces. Many believe that the play contains one of the most evil characters in literature, Iago. Iago is thought to be an honest man, but it is too late when the other characters realize how deceiving he truly is. Only the audience is aware of Iago’s plans because of his multiple soliloquies and asides. During his speeches, the audience learns whom Iago’s hate is targeted towards. In the play, Cassio, Othello, and Desdemona are destroyed due to Iago’s jealousy and manipulation.

Even though Iago ruined many characters' lives, his main target was to destroy Othello. Othello …show more content…

The primary lie that Othello believed was that Desdemona was cheating on him with Cassio. This caused Othello to become jealous and demand evidence. Once Othello realized that Desdemona no longer had the handkerchief, he became resentful towards her. Iago’s persuading eventually pushed Othello to murder Desdemona. But quickly after, Iago admitted to falsely accusing Desdemona of cheating. Othello then commits suicide after he realized how grave of a mistake he had …show more content…

Iago believed that he could get revenge by ruining Desdemona. He started spreading lies about how she was unfaithful. His plan was to ruin their marriage, which was symbolized by a handkerchief heirloom that Othello gifted to Desdemona. Knowing this, Iago stole the handkerchief and planted it inside of Cassio’s house. This resulted in Othello becoming furious with Desdemona and showing his jealous side to her for the first time. Their relationship was destroyed, but Iago decided to push Othello one step further. Iago’s manipulation and lies lead to Othello murdering Desdemona after she refused to state that she had sinned.

As Iago spread rumors about Desdemona, Cassio was also brought down. Cassio was a young officer that was promoted to lieutenant by Othello. He was married to Bianca but did not care for her even though she had loved him. Iago is believed to be a trusted friend of Cassio's, but Iago was secretly envious of Cassio's promotion to lieutenant. Iago tricked Cassio into damaging his own name, in hopes of getting Cassio to lose his

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