Otizi Iceman Murder Mystery Analysis

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The Otizi: Iceman Murder Mystery video features the discovery of an ancient mummified human body in the Italian Alps. This video explains that the importance of this discovery is due to the great preservation of the ancient body as well as the discovery of several artifacts located alongside with the body. The archaeologists determined that the discovered body otherwise known as Otizi or the Iceman is one of the most preserved set of human remains in the world. This discovery led to many scientists and archaeologists to conduct tests and experiments in order to recreate Otizi life, culture, and the events that led up to his death. These experiments and tests are necessary for the scientific community and in archaeology because Oitzi can tell…show more content…
One particular segment in the video features the head of the Otizi conservation deciding not to remove the arrowhead from the mummified body. The reason for that decision is because the head of the conservation did not to destroy the mummified tissues and by doing so, it will cause permanent damage to the mummified body. From my perspective, the head of the conservation made the appropriate decision because it is his job to preserve Otizi and cause any damage to the body. Otizi is considered by the Italian community as a cultural. One of the ethics in archaeology is to not destroy any archaeological remains while they do fieldwork. Instead archaeologists must work to preserve as much of the archaeological remains as possible until other archaeologists in the future develop methods to recover the archaeological remains without destroying them or destroying the archaeological site. This video in my opinion shows the importance of Otizi in the archaeological and scientific community. Otizi is important because he is the most well preserved set of human remains in the world, the cause of his death was murder, and Otizi allows archaeologists to recreate his prehistoric life as a way to understand what it means to be a
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