Ou Our Conscience Analysis

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He displayed empathy; he understood the girl’s feeling; his conscience was at work. Dostoyevsky was able to relate with the little girl’s pain, as he was going through a particular pain himself. He felt moral pain; his soul was hurt as a result of betrayal. Dostoyevsky felt he should have helped a child.
However, at the point he was worried about his own life, nothing mattered to him, when the little girl walked up to him, there was no compassion in him. He was enclosed in his own thought; the presence of the girl brought him back to the world and made him conscious of the world around him. He began to have a different meaning to life. His conscience could not stop thinking about the little girl that he said “It seemed to me that I could not die now without having settled something first” he felt the need to look for the girl because she had saved him from killing himself.
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It helps us remember the outcome of our actions in order to build wisdom, so we can make better judgment at the future. Although, not everyone is sensitive of it but it really defines who we are as human. If there is no conscience, nothing will matter to us in life, we would not learn from our actions and there would not be consequences. Because there is conscience, Dostoyevsky realized the outcome of his action, he felt angry and ashamed of himself for not helping a little girl that needed him. It mattered to him to settle with the girl because she saved his
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